Trinity Travel, LLC – General Terms and Conditions

Responsibility: The tour member understands that he or she has no claim  against Trinity Travel, LLC, (hereinafter “Trinity Travel”) its principals,  employees, representatives, or its affiliates for events or circumstances beyond  their control, including, without limitation, any delay or cancellation in  transportation; change of transportation equipment; or for delay or damage to or  loss of property or baggage or injury to or death of persons due to any neglect  or willful act of an air carrier, hotel, bus company, steamship or cruise  company, railroad, transportation company or service company of any kind, or any  other person or persons rendering any of the services being offered in  connections with these tours.

Further, Trinity Travel advises that it has no ownership interest whatsoever  in any hotel, restaurant, bus company or transportation or service company of  any kind, nor does it have any employee outside of the USA. You may see the name  Trinity Travel affixed to motor vehicles, on signs around the hotel or elsewhere. This use of our name is purely for reasons of identification and does  not denote ownership, supervision, or control by Trinity Travel in any way.
Trinity Travel acts only as an agent in securing hotels, transportation and  other travel services from suppliers, and in no event shall Trinity Travel be  liable in the event of any failure by any person or company to render any  transportation, lodging or other travel services to be provided on the tour.

If there is a difference between the conditions of Trinity Travel and those  published by suppliers, the conditions of suppliers shall apply. Trinity Travel  and its overseas representatives reserve the right to change, amend or cancel  any part or all of the tour; substitute hotels, cruise ships and air carriers of  similar quality; and to vary the sequence of sightseeing and/ or to re-route the  order of cities; make such other changes as may be reasonably necessary. Trinity  Travel may correct pricing errors at any time, or increase the program price in  the event of increases due to change in fuel surcharges, currency fluctuations,  entrance fees or taxes. In calculating the cost of the trip, Trinity Travel has  relied on your consent to these terms and in the absence of this release, the  cost of the trip would be higher.

A contract is made and these terms are deemed accepted by the tour member  when your reservation and initial payment are accepted by Trinity Travel. Any  dispute regarding these terms or any other matter related to the services  provided by Trinity Travel shall be governed by Kansas law and settled by  binding arbitration in Overland Park, KS. We reserve the right to decline to  accept a person, or to remove a person from a tour, if such person presents a  significant risk to the health or safety of himself or the group and the person  cannot otherwise be reasonably accommodated.

Group Air: Group Air reservations are subject to restrictive terms which  vary by airline. Connections, layovers, and all conditions surrounding group air  travel cannot be guaranteed and may change before departure. Deviations are not  allowed on Group Air tickets. To travel on different dates, travelers must book  land only (see below) and purchase individual airline flight tickets. Seat  assignments for Group Air are made “at the discretion of the airline”. Although  Trinity Travel will make reasonable effort to fulfill requests, SPECIFIC SEAT  ASSIGNMENTS CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED. Seat numbers will be advised  approximately 2 weeks prior to departure. Changes to assigned seats should be  discussed directly with the airline. Group Air is economy class and is not  upgradeable to first class, business, economy plus, etc. To upgrade the class of  seat assignment, travelers must book “Land Only” and purchase individual airline  flight tickets (see below). Travelers are responsible for complying with all  airline requirements for checked and carry-on baggage.

Land Only: Travelers making their own air arrangements will travel “Land  Only” and must notify Trinity Travel of no less than 120 days before departure.
Land only passengers are responsible for meeting the group at a specified time  and location on arrival day and for arranging and the cost of transfers to and  from the airport if their schedule does not closely coordinate with the group  schedule. DO NOT PURCHASE INDEPENDENT AIRLINE TICKETS UNTIL NOTIFIED IN  WRITING THAT THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF TRAVELERS HAS BEEN MET TO OPERATE THE TRIP.

Health Requirements: Travelers should be medically and physically fit for  this pilgrimage. The pilgrimage requires moderate walking, not always level and  sometimes over uneven surfaces. Motor coaches are not always able to drop off  passengers close to the site entrances. Some sites may involve stairs and sites  are not always wheelchair accessible. Please discuss any existing medical  condition prior to booking your reservation.

Photography: Trinity Travel may take photographs of its trips and  travelers, and traveler grants express permission to do so and to use such  photographs for promotional purposes without compensation to traveler.

Identification Required: A passport is required for all travelers and it  should be valid for at least 6 months past the scheduled return date. Non-U.S.  citizens may require a visa prior to departure. The cost of passports and any  required visa is the responsibility of the traveler.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds: We hope that nothing will prevent you  from taking your Trinity Travel pilgrimage. However, should you need to cancel,  your cancellation must be received in writing, via email, fax or by letter. It  will be effective on the date of receipt. If you cancel your tour after you have  received your documents and airline tickets, you must return them to Trinity  Travel before we can process your refund. The following cancellation charges per  person will apply: within 75 days of deposit – $175; after 75 days of deposit or  after the final payment due date – NO REFUND.

Once the tour commences there will be no refunds for missed or unused  portions of the tour program. Trinity Travel recommends that you purchase a  travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Plan details are available upon request and plan must be purchased at or before the final payment.

For additional information or to obtain a reservation booking form, please contact us