Trinity Travel, LLCPaul & Jeanne S
Jeanne and I had a wonderful trip.  The sites visited, the special “perks” such as Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with a Franciscan choir singing the Mass in Latin, staying at the Mount of the Beatitudes for 3 days (!), Holy Hour in the Church of all Nations, all fantastic, and Mass/lunch at the top of the Mount of Transfiguration.
Trinity Travel, LLCMaggie L
What a beautiful spiritual journey we took together.  It will be embedded in my heart always.  It was truly a pleasure watching us grow from strangers to friends, getting to know one another as we shared our laughter, stories and prayers.  Truly our Masses together was my high.

Thank you to our priests who made them very special and to Mike for guiding us through the steps of Jesus
Trinity Travel, LLCFr. Edward
I personally would want no one else in the world to have been the leader, other than Mike [Scherschligt]. He was utterly phenomenal in seamlessly weaving the places we visited through the lens of the Gospels and of Jesus' life.

Most important: he was continuously challenging us to ask how our life is in conformity with the life of Jesus. (As an aside: The concerns about safety in the Holy Land was a non-issue the entire time we were there.
Trinity Travel, LLCMary Jo C
I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity I had to walk the paths that Jesus trod.  I can't imagine it being any more perfect.  I loved the times of levity and laughter.  I loved the wisdom in the teaching and the perspective of history.  I loved the times of solemnity and solitude.

What an amazing balance we all achieved.  I now walk my daily path a bit changed, a bit more peaceful, a bit more "whole"...and seeking even more.
Trinity Travel, LLCEd & Jeri V
Hello Rich,  Jeri and I want to thank you for a most excellent pilgrimage. Everything about the trip was beyond expectation!   The hotels and dinners were all very good, especially the first dinner in Florence.

I have never enjoyed a restaurant dinner so much.  The pilgrimage sites and witness to and guidance in our faith provided by our priests and Troy inspired and motivated us to go deeper into our own souls and learn more about our faith!
Trinity Travel, LLCSr. Janel O
Hello Rich and Trudy. I cannot thank you enough for the pilgrimage...I'm still reaping the fruits from it and I think I will be for a very long time! Thanks so much for being instruments of God's love and providence for me.
Trinity Travel, LLCMark R
Hi Trudy

This opportunity to go on a pilgrimage … opened up the life of Christ to us, not only in the places that we visited but also in the people we were with. The opportunity to collaborate with one another each evening, following up on the experiences of each day, has given us new insights and a profound understanding of the relationship that God has with each member of his creation. The graces that come from a shared experience such as this are a gift from God, priceless and more than we could ever have hoped for. Thank you again to everyone who made this possible.
May God bless you all. Shalom.
Trinity Travel, LLCDominic C
Thanks again for the excellent pilgrimage experience you guys created for us! We have a lot to process as a result of the pilgrimage and are looking forward to ongoing deepening of our prayer life and relationship with Jesus, with continuing fond memories as we read and pray.
Trinity Travel, LLCArchbishop Joseph Naumann
I’ve been to the Holy Land several times before going on this pilgrimage and it was an extraordinary experience. The Biblical catechesis we received at the many sites made it the most meaningful pilgrimage for me personally as well as all those that were with us. I recommend everyone that has considered a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to journey with Mike Scherschligt and Trinity Travel.
Trinity Travel, LLCConnie and Lee C
We had such a wonderful, spirit filled time in Israel. Thanks for all you did in getting everything running so smoothly. Blessings to you. Thanks again!