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Follow us on our Pilgrimage as we experience Beautiful Catholicism in the cities of Florence, Assisi and Rome.  Each day we try to capture our experience of the joy and beauty of our faith as we walk and pray in the places that are home to the great saints.

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Trinity Travel, LLCMark Garbett, Sales Director, Guiding Star Tours
We are devastated to see the destruction and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I hope that rapid progress can be made on dealing with the aftermath and to offer the poor people of Gaza a future with some hope. For us in Jerusalem it is as though we are in another world far away. People are going about their daily lives and if you did not watch the news you would be unaware of what was happening in and near Gaza. However with more

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Trinity Travel specializes in group travel, especially religious pilgrimages, to Europe and the Holy Land for high schools, universities, churches and service organizations.

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